Artist Timoshin Oleg

Выставка живописи Олега Тимошина в Санкт-Петербурге (Севкабель Порт)! «Art Fest-2022» с 14 по 22 мая 2022 г.

May 14 - 22, 2022 Oleg Timoshin paintings will be presented in Sevkabel Port as part of the ArtFestSPB-2022 exhibition.
Address: St. Petersburg, Kozhevennaya line 40B, Workshop, 2nd floor, hall VIP1 (Sevkabel Port)
Opening hours:
from 12:00 to 21:00

Биография художника

"In unity with nature" - the name of one of the first posters of the artist became a leitmotif of his work. This theme is present in all the works of the author - whether a poster, watercolor sheets, picturesque canvases, created by interior design. Paintings, executed in watercolor and oil, always generate enthusiastic interest in his audience a masterful performance and warmth.

Favorite artist technique - watercolor , oil . Perfected ceaseless work and searching for many years, his technique is unique watercolor. Permeated with light, filled with sophisticated color gamut, watercolors have the joy of life and hope.

Автор видит задачу через изображение природы прикоснуться к чувственному восприятию зрителя, вызвать глубокие внутренние эмоции. “Смятение чувств”, “Море желаний”, “Белое озеро” продолжают цикл "Восприятие", начатый картинами ”Раннее утро”, “Шелест”, “Шепот”. Картины выполнены в новой технике: акварель, акриловый лак на холсте.

For an artist interested in creating a cycle of paintings by a common theme and delivered a creative challenge, the creation of pair work performed as in the technique of watercolor and oil painting. Continuous improvement and the search for a watercolor painting technique letters allow you to open an artist in his hard style of painting in watercolor, all the new faces of ownership of this amazing and mutation correction and error, creative watercolor.

"I do not write watercolor, - says the artist - watercolors can enter into their world, to use her magical powers".

For scenic watercolors by Oleg Timoshina characterized by the use of natural organic properties of watercolor - drip, mixing flow with minimal technical intervention. Fundamental here is a good command of drawing and fine visual memory.

Thin poetic, philosophical background of the topics raised in recent studies, suggests a new level of understanding of the artist of his work. Sensibility and delicacy of perception, spirituality and excellent technical performance make the artist s paintings were especially memorable.

Graduated from Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute in 1982.

Getting professional artist coincided with the active creative work in graphics and posters. Poster adjustment - an integral part of the history of great change a great country.And the artist s involvement in the events of this scale is particularly valuable. Since 1988 - Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

Artist - a participant of numerous exhibitions and competitions. Pictures Timoshina Oleg performed the technique watercolor, successfully participated in numerous international exhibitions and competitions. Works are in public and private collections in Russia and countries near and far abroad.

Member of the Moscow Union of Artists.

Bright creative individuality, a wide range of creative endeavors, excellence in watercolor painting clearly distinguish the artist and his work attracted a growing attention of the audience and experts from the art.

Painting Artist

The harmonic convergence of the chosen subjects for painting pictures and techniques allow maximum open plan hudozhnika.Ego watercolor painting recognizable, it can not be confused with other techniques of painting. Impact watercolor letter appears in an oil painting of the author.

Акварель – тонкая, сложная в исполнении техника станковой живописи. Воздушная и легкая живопись акварельными красками по сырой бумаге позволяет получить красочные цветовые переходы. Картины, созданные художником, сочетает в себе реалистичность передачи сюжета с плавными, легкими акварельными мазками. Такого рода техника исполнения не образует характерного для классической масляной живописи рельефного мазка. Тем самым произведения акварелью поражают зрителя своими переливами акварельной краски и полупрозрачным наложением на бумагу. Акварель сложна в использовании также по причине отсутствия возможности исправления уже на высохшей поверхности.

Картины, выполненные маслом, пользуется постоянным вниманием и популярностью среди любителей искусства. Такие произведения традиционно служат одним из главных украшений интерьера. Для достижения лучшего результата необходимо использование краски известных производителей и качественного грунтового покрытия холстов. Современные картины маслом на холсте выделяются яркими красками, рельефными мазками в сочетании с лессировочными заливками. Произведения маслом долговечны, устойчивы к прямым солнечным лучам, воздействию ультрафиолета.

Artist Timoshin Oleg - modern Moscow artist, works in oil and watercolor painting for over 25 years. Among the works created in different periods of his creative path, you can get acquainted with watercolor paintings: still life watercolor ( wonderful composition of colors), a lyrical landscape watercolor (nature), complex thematic pictures, as well as oil paintings: landscapes oil (nature in different seasons), still life oil (luxury bouquets of garden flowers), genre paintings.